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At Perenich & Caulfield Avril & Noyes we use our experience to help you with a simple car accident case, a complex medical malpractice injury, or Workers Compensation matter. We are here to, not only fight for you, but also guide you through this difficult time and confusing process. As Florida’s oldest personal injury firm we utilize our knowledge, experience, and relationships to benefit you.

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Perenich Caulfield Avril Noyes has collected Millions of dollars for our clients

Getting cases settled

It is our mission to work hard on your case to get your it settled as soon as possible. We do this by approaching the case with a staff that has years of experience, vast resources, and attorney’s that have litigated tough cases.

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At Perenich Caulfield Avril Noyes, our consultations are free, and there’s no upfront fees or costs.


We do a thorough investigation from the beginning to ensure that we find every possible avenue of making a personal injury claim.

Important Cases

Perenich Caulfield Avril Noyes, has recovered Millions for our clients. Michael Perenich has worked on numerous Multi-million dollar cases.

Hospital Negligence

Have successfully litigated many medical malpractice cases

Car Accidents

We have successfully litigated numerous car accident claims. Our firm has been doing this since 1955

Workers Compensation

We do everything we can to ensure those injured in workers accidents get the benefits they are owed or to settle those claims.

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  • Professional, Knowledgeable, and Great Service! He made me feel very comfortable from the start with his knowledge, and experience. He was always one step ahead of me, and the other attorney. I would highly recommend Michael Perenich to my Family & Friends.

    Doug Martin
  • Point blank: There are okay lawyers, good lawyers, great lawyers and others that fall in between. I know this because I've hired many in the past for pertinant and various reasons. They're assurance: They're there when you need them in your corner during times of personal need. Maneuvering through life is perilous at times. We wish it ran smoother than it does especially as more variables accumulate. Reality though, beyond a perfect world is a world where there are no auto accidents, no renters falling down staircases, no etc, etc... there will always exist times of need. Now, having said that, Michael Perenich is my attorney, my assurance that someone's in my corner when things go south, when things go other than what's expected but most of all Michael Perenich is my friend. He has helped me in my times of need. His area of expertise as well as his care and determination are beyond expectations. He is my 'go to' when I'm out of my legal element. He allows me to continue the life I've made for myself and my loved ones. I couldn't ask for any more. Call him, he will listen, draw out out a solution, make it happen, do it expediantly, and get you back to life you know.

    Stefan W. Mongie
  • A few months ago, I was struck out of the blue with a financial legal dilemma. Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, frightened, and confused, I reached out to Michael for advice. He immediately calmed my fears and anxieties. After discussing the issue, Michael rapidly formed a plan of action and began work on my case post haste. Throughout the entire ordeal, he not only kept me informed but included me in the entire process. Thanks to his keen legal mind, care, and determination the matter was resolved in short order. Michael is a consummate professional who, even when dealing with other unsavory lawyer-types, keeps his integrity and honest down to earth values.

    Colleen Clark
  • I had been hit from behind and pushed into us-19. I was hit hard enough to have injuries, and my car was totaled. I had begged my insurance company to help me pay for help finding a new car, and had no returned phone calls, no returned emails. I consulted Michael, who immediately had me open a case. My insurance company all of a sudden wanted to talk to me, and paid for a new car. Michael helped me all throughout the process, providing insight into what the insurance companies were trying to do, and how they wanted to spend as little time with me as possible. You really will feel valued as a client with Mr. Perenich. He eventually settled my case for more than I could have ever expected. I had a great experience, and highly recommend his legal services to anyone in need.

    Nick Radner

Types of cases

Personal injury law encompasses a vast category. Some practitioners spend most of their time doing medical practice, bad faith, or products liability. At Perenich Caulfield Avril Noyes, we have successfully litigated the the following cases:

Car accidents
Trucking accidents
Motorcycle accidents
Defective Products

Workers Compensation
Wrongful Death
Hospital Negligence
Social Security Disability

Slip and Falls
Aviation Accidents
Medical Malpractice
Legal Malpractice


Whether it be a slip and fall or a workers compensation case, we take the time to learn the medicine to fully understand your injuries. We work with Tampa Bay’s top doctors to understand your medical condition and explain it to the jury.


Outworking the competition starts at the beginning of a case. From the beginning of a case we will research and discuss the potential issues to provide our clients an understanding their case.


One of the biggest complaints to the Bar association is attorneys do not communicate. We aim to make our clients aware of every event in their case. If you email Mr. Perenich, he will get back with you in 24 hours.

If you have been injured, we will evaluate your case and let you know what your options are.

When looking for a qualified attorney I always tell people: “go meet them.” It’s important to meet and get to know your attorney, this is a good time to get to know them ask about their practice, and assure that you are on the same page insofar as your case is concerned.

There are many fine establishments in a St. Petersburg area most of these places keep their premises very safe. However every now and then people slip and fall, trip and fall, and are injured as a result of the property owner not keeping the property and a good state of repair, not keeping the sidewalk or walkway clear of debris or trash, or perhaps property owner did not clear the area whether it be a sidewalk or parking lot from standing water and this causes people to slip and fall and injure themselves. Although slip and falls are a stereotypical injury, it goes without saying that people get very injured from these accidents. I’ve seen slip and fall cases where clients have broken their spines, fractured tail bones, broken their knees, broken patella, broken arms, injured shoulders, and the list goes on. People are often very injured when they trip on a object that is not supposed to be in the location where one trip.. St. Petersburg is an older city, and although St. Pete has undergone some major redevelopment there are still old buildings that are in a state of disrepair, when people try to run businesses out of these old buildings without fixing or rectifying all dangers they are posing a risk of injury to the patrons that come to these businesses.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer today. After being involved in a car accident or a motorcycle accident people often are shaken up, and a lot of things are happening very fast because there is a lot of anxiety involved at this time. By contacting an injury lawyer in the St. Petersburg area you will have valuable insight as to what you will need to do in order to navigate this difficult time. Moreover people often have numerous questions about what insurance is going to cover, whether or not they in fact have full coverage? Or questions like: what is under-insured motorist coverage? What is personal injury protection insurance? What is bodily injury insurance? What is collision insurance? And on top of all these questions people often ask what exactly are these things going to cover? Our firm has been handling personal injury cases for almost 60 years we can help you with your questions, and we can help you get treatment for injuries that you may have, which may include spine injuries, herniated discs, neck injuries, lower back injuries, broken bones…etc.

If you would like me to go over your insurance with you, at no cost please call us 727-386-9677

Am I Required to have car insurance in Florida?  What is the minimum about of car insurance I can carry?

One of the biggest complaints that we hear in our law firm is that people cannot believe after being involved in a car accident or auto accident that the defendant is not required to have insurance. And when I say that, I mean there’s nothing in our state’s law that forces people to have full auto insurance, or car insurance before they begin driving. Some people have the bare minimum coverage and when they seriously injure another person that person will be unable to recover their expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and future medical bills. Although there is a law that, when imposed can suspend a person’s license for not having enough insurance, that same law is not sufficient to pay for an injured party’s medical bills, or future medical bills. In fact the Florida state legislature has not address this issue for a number of reasons. One of them being that there is not enough pressure put on state representatives to change the law on this issue. This is why I tell all my friends and family to make sure they have uninsured motorist coverage, and I also urge them to contact their local state representative whether it be in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, Tarpon Springs, or Oldsmar contact them and ask them why there is no law that forces insurance companies to require people be fully insured when they are driving in the state of Florida? Some organizations like the Florida Justice Association has pushed for Florida to impose financial responsibility on all car owners. The current law only requires people carry $10,000 in property damage, which covers damage done to the other person’s car, and personal injury protection which provides $10,000 of insurance for medical bills for yourself. However as a 2013 there has been a limit imposed on personal injury protection where the state legislature has attempted to limit personal injury protection to $2500 unless the insured party demonstrates that they have an emergency medical condition as diagnosed by a physician. As of January 3, 2010 more than 4% of drivers in the state of Florida are uninsured. One of the things to know is that cars in Florida are not required to have bodily injury liability protection to cover the injuries caused to another persons body, or in other words when one is involved in a car accident and they are at fault bodily injury will cover the other party’s injuries in the event that they need medical treatment. Florida is only one of two states that does not have this bodily injury requirement for the insureds.


Commerical Truck accident or Semi truck accident lawyer

One of the things that St. Petersburg residents know this that a major highway runs right through the city, that is highway 275. This highway can take St. Petersburg residents to Tampa or to Sarasota, and on this highway there are major commercial trucks that will drive next to normal cars and trucks. One of the things that motorists need to be aware of is that sometimes commercial vehicles, whether it be a semi truck, a truck with a big trailer, or a business truck, there are cases where these people driving these vehicles are overworked, they haven’t received enough sleep, or maybe their employer is not given them an overview to make sure there not in good mental health. In these cases people are often injured on the highway by these big trucks that cause major damage to their vehicle and to their bodies. We handle commercial truck accidents at Perenich Caulfield, we also handle workers compensation for those workers that are neglected by their employees after being injured.

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